Personality Traits Suited to Being a Marketing Manager

The only “constant” in the marketing industry is evolution. In today’s world, marketing managers have to embrace change on a daily basis. For businesses looking to staff the marketing manager with the best possible chances of succeeding, there are some attributes that person should possess.


1. Enthusiasm for the game is critical. Great marketing managers love what they do. They eat and sleep the business. You will never hear them say, “Work is boring.”

2. Creativity is another trait that marketing managers should possess. It is not about reinventing the wheel. It is about looking at the wheel in a way that no one has looked at it before. The best marketing managers are not afraid to fail. Therefore, they will always find new ways and methods to get the job done for their clients.

3. Effective marketing managers know their company’s audience. They know where their customers are at any given time of day or night. Today’s consumers search for information and products on their mobile devices. They also tend to buy from the first source that provides the ideal product or solution. Thus, marketing managers have to optimize their incentives for local search.

4. Effective marketing managers also possess the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. No matter how well-planned things are, something will always appear as a challenge. This uncertainty means managers must have the capacity to pivot at any moment and change their entire focus. They tend not to get too tied up in one direction. They love change. In fact, they thrive on it.

5. Great marketing managers must also have the ability to sell an idea or a product. Capacity to sell information or a product makes things happen. Great marketers pride themselves in being able to communicate and drive ideas forward. They have the ability convince people why they need a product or service.

6. While good marketers can focus on the details, they enable themselves to see the big picture. They have the ability to step back and keep the primary goal in mind. They know what to pass on and what to keep.

7. Effective marketing managers are also solid team players. They know that it is impossible to get anything of value done without being a team player. Productive work doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

8. If your goal is to be a great marketer, you must also be a great storyteller. Tell stories that people can relate to. You must be able to reach your audience on an emotional, interpersonal level. The best storytellers keep things brief, keep the audience in mind, and stay on point. To sell a product or service, you have to create a desire for that product or service by telling the story, creating a context for its use.

Effective marketing managers also understand what accountability means. They know that if something goes wrong, there is no such thing as placing the blame. They take responsibility for both success and failure, which is also part of being a great business leader.


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